Danielle Rose Russell’s Weight Loss Journey: Transforming Body And Mind!

Danielle Rose Russell's Weight Loss Journey

Generally, when we think about losing weight it is for us. But who are we kidding?  We are vulnerable when it comes to trolls and often succumb to societal pressure. When you are a celebrity you are prone to a lot of adulation but the same is true about criticism as well. You are constantly under scrutiny and therefore the impact is severe. This blog will document the story of actress Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss and how she waded through the dark waters to achieve mental peace. Read on as we unfold the saga with all its intricacies.

Who Is Danielle Rose Russell?

Danielle Rose Russell was born in New Jersey and had entertainers for her parents. Therefore when she expressed her inclination toward the glamour and glitz world, it came as no surprise. After her debut in 2014, A Walk Among the Tombstones, she has appeared in various shows and movies including the fan-favorite, The Originals, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. Pandemic, Aloha, Wonder, and Legacies also decorate her filmography. Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss has recently brought her into the limelight yet again and we are about to unveil it for you.

How Did Danielle Rose Russell Lose Weight?

Danielle had a promising kick-off to her career. She managed to grab a Teen Choice Award nomination and was offered a number of projects. She had never been really bothered about the way she looked though she had been modelling forever. She had her own style and carried it the way she always was. But when she forayed into the acting world, things took a turn for the worse.

Like every star, she did want the love of her fans boundlessly and she did get that when she was cast as Hope Mikaelson on TVD Originals. However, things did not pan out the way she thought they would. With immense love and fan pages came trolls and memes. Many of them criticized her for being out of shape and yet playing the daughter of the most iconic character.

Every time she communicated with them on social media accounts, there were a large amount of people who threw fat-shaming slurs at her way. Being just over 20, some of them deeply affected her, and she started going into a deep abyss. At first, she owned her body and was quoted saying, “My petite curves make me different from a lot of actresses out there… and I love the fact that I have a curvier body. It’s extremely saddening that people need the feel to judge me based on my differences from other actresses.”

But soon she started receiving a lot of hate and Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss journey took baby steps. To a tabloid, she admitted going through a Nutrisystem program and even keeping a tab on her macronutrients. This helped her lose over 15 pounds and we can’t wait to figure out what they are.

Did Danielle Rose Russell Undergo Any Weight Loss Surgery?

Every time an actress loses weight, the speculation of surgery starts doing rounds. While in most cases it does turn out to be true, Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss can be attributed to natural ways. In other words, she didn’t undergo any weight loss surgery as far as our knowledge goes. She has been following a strict diet program that we will be looking at in the next segments.

Danielle Rose Russell’s Diet Plan

We are not aware of the specifics of Danielle Rose Russell’s weight-loss diet routine but we believe that she has did curb a lot of Carbs. She also maintained to keep a thorough system of all the nutrients she consumed. However, she didn’t believe in starving herself and rather took healthier diets which may include avocado and eggs for breakfast, nuts and seeds as pre-workout meals, chicken breast or salmons for lunch, and salads for dinner along with a significant amount of protein. She increased the amount of hydration and cut down on sugar.

Danielle Rose Russell’s Workout Plan

The 23-year-old is short in height and therefore a petite figure suits her. Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss workout plan has multiple layers. Every day she dedicates 12-16 hours to exercises that have a variety of regimens for legs, shoulders, hamstrings, chest, and glut. Therefore the wide range of exercises include barbell squats, leg press, forward lunges, calf raises, and curls. Additionally, lunges, squat backs, bench presses, deadlifts, cable rows, and abs roller. Sunday would be an off and she would take this time to heal her. Making consistency her pillar, she now has measurements near 34-24-34.

Danielle Rose Russell’s Weight Loss Before And After

Danielle Rose Russell’s Weight Loss Before And After

Before she underwent the transformation, she did think, “I remember going for a callback and I saw three other girls there and thinking what am I doing here?” All the hate and self-doubt made her take a sabbatical from social media after her show ended two years ago but she has finally made a comeback, not on social media though. Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss made it possible for her to be spotted in a free-flowing short dress looking her best recently and the fans noted how amazing she looks now. 

Danielle Rose Russell’s weight loss path has been paved with many difficulties. Being a celebrity didn’t make it easier. She was trolled brutally but made a point to make a difference on her own terms. Losing weight is great but you should not be bullied into the decision. Be comfortable in your own skin and make the change for yourself, not others.

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