Chrissie Swan Reacted To The Speculation Around Her Dramatic Weight Loss

Chrissie Swan Reacted To The Speculation Around Her Weight Loss

Chrissie Swan, the media personality, Australian television, and radio presenter recently took a notable space over the internet by reacting to a rumor sprouted regarding her drastic weight loss. 

Chrissie, 49, has opened up about her unbelievable weight loss journey. She revealed her weight loss tricks and the ways she maintains to keep up her lean physique. The words she shared picturizes the efforts she invested to shed her pounds. She gave an outline of an effective diet included in her lifestyle and workouts that made her bring positive body changes. 

Rumors spread like wildfire questioning how she shed a reported weight loss of 90kg. Many doubted the ways she opted to lose such huge pounds as she said she was on a low-carb diet, quit alcohol, walked regularly, and took keto gummies. 

As she highlighted keto gummy bears, a fan of Chrissie enquired deeply about keto gummy bears she opted for weight reduction and asked about the story based on the same. The fan who came forward to ask such a story voiced a slight distrust in her weight loss sticking to keto gummy bears. The fan asked, “did Chrissie Swan really take keto gummies to lose 90 kg?” 

The question raised by the fan seems a matter of curiosity. While sharing her secrets about weight loss, Chrissie shared multiple posts on her private social media accounts showcasing the keto product that she claims helped her lose weight. As each post looked like a way of indirect promotion of the keto product, the fan needed to know whether the gummy acted on her body safely and helped her get back in shape. Anyway, this valuable question he shot over the internet paved the way to bring the truth behind the gummy product Swan supported.

How She Reacted?

For the question, the media personality gave a direct reply saying a big NO. She even said that the product is a scam and it’s not an ideal choice for those looking to lose weight. She said, ” don’t try it!”. 

For such a quick response which was done in a straightforward manner, the fan replied sharing heartfelt thanks. The follower responded that finally, the case got closed as the fan knew this will be the only response from Chrissie. 

Chrissie Swan Reaction To Her Weight Loss Question

Keto gummies are now widely available in the market claiming notable weight loss changes. The Keto gummy bears, marked by the radio presenter, are a product that is low in carbs and is absolutely sugar-free. The product claims to curb appetite, boost metabolism, and enhance the energy levels of the users. Even though the highlights of the product seem impressive, the reply Chrissie gave says that she is not a fan of this weight loss keto product. 

The main thing she points out that made her lose weight was walking, walking, and walking. The weight loss plan she set was during the COVID lockdowns. During that time, the better way she opted to lose weight is diet changes, improving eating habits, and regular walks. She even suggests quitting alcohol while dreaming to achieve a lean and healthy body. The alcohol-free lifestyle healthified her totally. She witnessed myriad positive changes in her body as she shares a better sleeping quality and pattern, reduced stress and anxiety, and a lot more. She even features the way how she became the happiest person by prioritizing her sleep. 

Now, by losing her unhealthy fat, she is bursting with joy to be in a healthy state. She is treasuring new ways and is continuing on her diets and workouts as she relishes the moments of being in healthy pounds. 

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