Can Otezla Help You Reduce Body Weight?

Can Otezla Help You Reduce Body Weight?

If you want to stay healthy, you have to take care of yourself. And if you are a little bit curvy or overweight, you will have to take more of an effort. Research shows us a direct connection between overweight and psoriasis. It doesn’t mean you will definitely have psoriasis in case you are obese. But chances are great the extra pounds in your body may lead you towards it. Being a victim of psoriasis, you have more chances for getting its symptoms more intense as you have a bigger body. 

Can Otezla Help You Reduce Body Weight?

Although medical experts couldn’t find the exact link between psoriasis and extra weight, they say this inflammatory condition gets worse as you weigh more than enough. And it happens because of cytokines, the inflammatory chemicals released in your body from the extra fat cells. People with psoriasis also claim they could feel a remarkable change in their conditions when they lose even a meager amount of fat from their body. Some studies also confirmed people after improving their diet and physical activities could be free of the itchy and flaky state of their skin within a few weeks. 

In case you are struggling with psoriasis and being overweight, you need to have a solution that can work for both. And for that, Otezla can help you because you are going to have minimal symptoms and a gradual decrease in your weight as you consume it. 

Can Otezla Help You Reduce Body Weight?

What Otezla Actually Is?

Otezla is a medicinal drug that is used to treat certain conditions like plaque psoriasis, an inflammatory illness of the skin; psoriatic arthritis; and mouth sores occurred due to Behcet’s disease.  These are available in the form of pills that you can take orally. The main component of Otezla is apremilast, but it is not a generic drug that you can easily get. 

How Does Otezla Cause Weight Loss?

If you have any of the health issues mentioned above, your doctor is likely going to recommend you to take Otezla tablets. Once you start consuming it, you are going to get a cure for all those daunting symptoms. Apart from simply reducing the symptoms, you can see a notable difference in your total weight too. Your appetite will also get reduced and hence the calorie intake also would be fewer. Some people even say they could shed up to three pounds or more in just 7 days.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Otezla?

As you suffer from the symptoms of psoriasis, your doctor may prescribe it for you. Or else if you are hearing about it for the first time after long years of search for a potential cure to your condition. If so, you can consult your doctor and seek his advice on taking this medicine.

Whatever be your case, you need to increase the dosage of this pill gradually over 5 days, in order to help yourself from gastrointestinal upset. 

The recommended dosage of Otezla is:

1st day:  

               10 mg in the morning.

2nd day:

               10 mg- morning 

               10 mg – evening

3rd  day:  

                10mg- morning 

                20mg- evening

4th day:   

                20mg- morning


5th day:   

                20mg morning 

                30mg evening

6th day onwards: 


                30mg- evening

If you have a lot of extra weight in your body, your efforts to shed it would be bigger. With conditions like psoriasis, it is ideal for you to get rid of all those extra pounds. In that case, Otezla will help you and you will even see a considerable difference in all your troubles. But in case you are obese and don’t have psoriasis, don’t ever think of considering it as a weight-loss drug.

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