5 Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person: 2021 Review

Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person

Hey readers, 5 Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person- article here, discuss the best toilet seats I have discovered from my research for heavy people’s use. People come in a variety of sizes, shapes, weights, personalities, and ages. Therefore, it is no surprise that their needs for common items range.

As a result, the toilet is a need that everyone must deal with daily. It is no secret that everyone uses the lavatory at least once a day. And those of us who are already overweight worry about our toilet weight limit, as well as the arrival of any more overweight guests.

Why? The explanation is straightforward. They need more room than folks of regular weight or form. But now, it is possible to find toilet seats for heavier people that are comfortable and provide them a sense of safety.

5 Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person

Here we have come up with a list of the five best toilet seats for overweight persons and some commonly asked questions.

Toilet Seat For Heavy Person 2021 Review

CENTOCORE 700SC-001 Round Wooden Toilet Seat Featuring Slow Close

The Centoco 700SC, with its hybrid design, is a popular option for those with broader and wider hips since it accommodates them comfortably.

CENTOCORE 700SC-001 Round Wooden Toilet Seat Featuring Slow Close


The Centoco 700SC has a sitting size of 16.75 x 14.38 x 2 inches. It has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Based on the weight of the product, it will stay longer in private restrooms than in public restrooms.


  • It makes use of plastic and wood in the same Cento-core way. The polypropylene shell extends the life of the seat, while the wood core provides sturdiness.
  • The high-gloss finish on this toilet seat makes it stand out. The seat’s shine is preserved since the material does not fade or chip.
  • It will not smash or hurt your fingers. As a result, families with pets and children will love it.
  • The bumpers on this toilet seat are permanently attached. Thus they maintain the seat in place by providing a non-slip grip on the porcelain.
  • There is a one-year guarantee included with this toilet seat.

BEMIS 790TDGSL 000 Heavy-Duty Closed Front Plastic Toilet Seat

BEMIS has introduced its Heavy-Duty toilet seat for bigger people as part of its commitment to providing high-quality and innovative goods.


A sitting size 15.5 x 2.6 x 21.1 inches and a weight limit of up to 700 pounds means you may go about your daily activities with no problems.


  • Installing the commercial seat fastening is a cinch, and the STA-TITE system will not come undone while in use.
  • Removal and cleaning are a breeze because of the system’s usage of snap technology.
  • Stainless steel pintles and posts on the hinges keep them from rusting.
  • Better stability is provided by the integrated tabs and the two-position chrome hinges.
  • Wiping the seats down with a moist towel and a little detergent makes cleaning and maintaining them much simpler.

Mayfair 830CHSLB 000 Toilet Seat, 1 Pack-ROUND, White-Chrome Hinges

The greatest heavy-duty toilet seat for the obese makes beautiful use of wood materials to enhance technological functioning.


A sitting size 16.89 x 14.36 x 2.42 inches and a weight limit of up to 600 pounds means you may go about your daily activities with no problems.


  • The chrome hinges on the Mayfair toilet seat give it an elegant look. Heavy-duty hinges moderately control the closing procedure.
  • Because of the durable hinges, you will not have to worry about your fingers being pinched.
  • The seat has a professional fastening edge and is comfy. It has a spherical shape and will fit most standard-sized toilets.
  • You can resist tension because of the mechanical mechanisms that keep it from squirming. The item is stain and scratch-resistant.
  • It has a longer shelf life than anticipated. Positively constructed stress and back control systems always support your comfort and relaxation in a seated environment.

Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Slow Close best Toilet Seat

Simple slip-free bowl seats are available from Delta Faucet for elongated toilet bowls, which are relatively affordable.


Based on the weight of the product, it will stay longer in private restrooms than in public restrooms. With dimensions of 16.5 x 14.25 x 2 inches and a weight limit of 400 pounds, it accounts for a good toilet seat for heavy people.


  • Water droplets can not form because of the surface’s transparency. As a result, it will not cause a slipping accident. The seat shuts quite gently, so there is no danger of squeezing your finger accidentally.
  • Due to its concrete structure, it has a higher tensile strength. Stains, cracks, and scratches do not affect the product. It is not fading or flaking at all.
  • The ideal toilet seat for fat people has a white surface that is simple to clean. The heavy-duty plastic hinges can take the weight of the door.
  • It is a portable toilet seat that will work in a home or hotel restroom.
  • The installation distance for this product is 31 inches from the wall, which is much longer than the installation distance for a circular bowl.

KOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded-wood with Color-matched Plastic Hinges

Kohler’s toilet seat’s unique oval shape makes it ideal for overweight people, whether they are using a public or private restroom.


When deciding on this product, measurement accuracy is critical. Its measurements are 16.6 x 14.2 x 1.06 inches. And it has a weight limit of 500 pounds. Thus it’s a good toilet seat for heavy people.


  • With a transparent surface, the exquisite white hue pops like crazy. As a result, it is very awesome if you like long toilet bowls.
  • Plastic hinges in a matching white hue help the goods avoid stains, while the durable material keeps the covers from flaking off or fading over time.
  • Using molded wood for the toilet seat helps keep it clean, and it is easy to clean.
  • There are no blemishes on the product, and the color will not fade with time. Its one-of-a-kind style is highly corrosion and peel-resistant.
  • It has clear policy rules and home delivery options.

Are there weight limits on toilets?

The toilet must be adequate to hold anybody who may use it, regardless of whether you are doing a whole bathroom renovation or just upgrading a few critical elements. In such a situation, the weight limit becomes an important factor to consider.

  • The weight restriction for ordinary toilets is 1000 pounds.
  • Whereas the weight limit for wall-hung toilets is 500 pounds.
 weight limits on toilets

However, toilets in government standards might be as heavy as they want to be. Standard toilets do not have a weight restriction specified in government standards or regulations.

What are heavy toilet seats made of?

When it comes to toilet materials, a conventional porcelain toilet weighs the most. Why?

  • These tough toilets have a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.
  • Porcelain is a very robust and stiff material.
  • A normal porcelain toilet made of Vitreous China (a.k.a. porcelain) can support much more weight than the world’s heaviest individual.

What about Wooden toilet seats?

Wooden toilet seats have the advantage of being more long-lasting than plastic ones. Seats made of wood are more durable since they are thicker and less prone to break than those made of plastic.

Wooden toilet seats

However, when it comes to wooden toilet seats, one thing to keep in mind is that the protective coating might wear off with time. Abrasion or scrubbing while cleaning may potentially weaken or remove this protective coating.

So it is recommended to choose porcelain toilet seats over any other material to ensure durability and efficiency.

How much weight can a wall-mounted toilet hold?

Wall-mounted toilets are a fashionable and low-maintenance alternative to the typical bathroom design for planned renovations or new construction. Under the bowl, there is a pedestal that uses the ground’s support to keep everything stable. No matter how heavy the toilet is, it will not tip over without a solid foundation. Several variables determine the weight limit without the base’s integrated support.

toilet seats for heavy people

According to data, the average male weight is roughly 196 pounds, while the average female weight is around 166 pounds. As a result, wall-mounted toilets with a weight capacity of 500 pounds or less are perfectly acceptable for most domestic applications. Also, Wall-mounted toilets must meet this limit to meet federal regulations.

Final Thoughts on 5 Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person

As mentioned in the article- 5 Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person above, Just a handful of toilet seats are indeed available on the market that is ideal for heavier individuals. And we can understand the trauma that one has to face. As a result, we have compiled a selection of the most deserving, high-quality products with the best features and materials.

We hope that it can help you with making a better decision regarding your toilet seats. Identifying whatever option from the above list best suits your requirements is your job now. Wishing you the best of luck!

Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person-FAQs

What is a handicapped toilet?

A handicapped commode is a toilet with a raised seat for those who are disabled or elderly. These persons can take care of their requirements effectively and discreetly with the help of a mobile handicap toilet.

What is a “bariatric toilet seat?”

To accommodate those who are overweight, toilet seats called bariatric toilet seats have been developed.

How should I clean my toilet seat?

The finest cleaning solution is warm water and mild soap. This method is gentler on the toilet use materials and will help keep them in better condition.

How to install a toilet seat if I don’t want to?

Whether you do not want to deal with getting your hands filthy or installing new equipment, see if the company you are considering works with provides installation services. Alternatively, you might ask a neighbor or a friend for help or contact a local handyman.

Why is my toilet seat getting stained?

Cleaning your car’s seat with harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions is not the best idea if you want to keep it clean. When cleaning, use milder products like soap and water.

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