Best 5 Peptides For Weight Loss


Peptides are known for a lot of things such as they can benefit your muscles, skin, overall health, etc.

They are a smaller version of amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins. They are mainly used in various cosmetic and health products because of their anti-aging, muscle building, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Components To Consider Before Having Peptides For Weight Loss!

It is either made artificially or naturally. There is a high level of confusion between peptides and proteins and people tend to think they are the same thing.

Amino acids are present in both components, however, the small difference is peptides contain way lesser amino acids than proteins. The human body can more easily absorb peptides than proteins since they are smaller.

Best 5 Peptides For Weight Loss

You can get peptides from eggs, meat, beans, oats, hemp seeds, milk, fish, soy, flaxseed, wheat, lentils, etc.

Best Peptides For Weight Loss

Peptides have become a popular name in the weight loss market. They are being used in health supplements for a long time now. They have an effect on the weight of a human body by burning fat, increasing energy, building muscles, improving athletic activity, etc. Here is a list of a few peptides that can help you burn your extra fat.



Also known as GHRH peptide or Growth Hormone- Releasing Hormone peptide. It helps by stimulating the pituitary gland that has a great deal of control over your body for various purposes such as appetite, growth, insulin interactions, and others.

The peptide is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for lipodystrophy i.e. when the body does not produce healthy fat tissues. It is also for men who suffer from HIV and get lipodystrophy from any medications which leads to an increase in abdominal fat. Even though it is the most widely used peptide for weight loss, it is not prescribed as a medicine for the same.

CJC- 1295

CJC- 1295

This peptide is constructed with a total of thirty amino acids and it is a synthetic Growth Hormone- Releasing Hormone. This peptide helps in cellular regeneration, muscle growth, enhanced cellular repair, and increased fat loss. It also promotes memory retention through the ways of improved, deep, and slow-wave sleep.

It takes around four hours to do its magic. The peptide does not make you feel hungry or increase the level of ghrelin. The peptide includes some side effects too such as drowsiness, headache, hyperactivity, nausea, skin reactions, dizziness, sensitivity, pain where it is injected, difficulty in swallowing, etc. A single dose of CJC-1295 is enough to raise your growth hormone levels for up to six days.



It is also a synthetic Growth Hormone- Releasing Hormone. The peptide works with your hormones in order to maximize the muscle growth benefits. It also reduces the feeling of hunger. Ipamorelin can be used by combining with other peptides too. Along with weight loss properties, it also shows signs of anti-aging properties as well and can be used for up to one year.

Earlier, people had to go to clinics for getting injections but now it can be taken as a sublingual tablet that needs to be put under your tongue before your bedtime. It is said that the combination of Ipamorelin and CJC-1295  gives better results. You must take it before your bedtime only so that it can boost your growth hormone release overnight. Also, you must also not have anything that has fat or carbs within two hours of taking a dose of this peptide.


 GHRP- 6

It stands for Growth Hormone- Releasing Hexapeptide and includes 28 amino acids. It increases the body mass count by promoting growth hormone secretion along with a decrease in body fat. It could be a percent choice for bodybuilders and athletes since it increases Growth Hormone- and Insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1.

People who want to improve their stamina during their workout sessions can also take this peptide. It should be taken on an empty stomach and even after half an hour, you must not consume anything. Some of the most common side effects of this peptide include sweating, hot flushes, increased appetite, etc.



This peptide is derived from mitochondria known as an exercise mimetic. Everyone knows mitochondria is the powerhouse of cells which means it has several benefits attached to itself. It activates the cellular system of your body and benefits by controlling diabetes, obesity, improving physical performance, etc.

It can also help in stress relief. In addition to all this, it helps by improving the glucose levels during glycolysis, enhancing lipid beta-oxidation, and decreasing fat gain. Other benefits of MOTS-C peptide include management of mitochondrial energy, prevention of osteoporosis, metabolic balance and flexibility, etc. The peptide can also protect you from anti-aging. As far as dosage is concerned, there are different doses for men and women.

How do Peptides Work?

Peptides are being used for medicinal purposes as well as through supplements. There is no doubt that it helps with weight loss since they are a kind of protein and contain fewer amino acids. Once you intake any peptide for weight loss, it starts to help your natural peptides in your body.

How do Peptides Work?

Peptides for weight loss can shift the materials into cells. In simple words, they can transport the glucose from the blood to cells for energy usage. Some peptides for weight loss have an effect on food digestion and metabolism. There are some peptides that have a direct impact on the fat-burning process in the abdomen and also increase muscle growth. All this makes the weight loss process easier for your body.

Benefits of peptides

Peptides are used for various reasons. Here is a list of benefits that peptides offer-

  • Anti-ageing-

Collagen is the most popular peptide and slows down the process of aging. It is a protein present in skin, nails, and hair. Food supplements that include collagen peptides can help you with skin wrinkles too and skin elasticity. Peptides can also increase the production of melanin that can help your skin fight off sun damage.

  • Bone loss-

Peptides also help by increasing their bone mass. The research is not supported by solid evidence in humans and thus lacks full belief.

  • Wound healing-

Collagen peptides help you in maintaining your healthy skin as well as have wound healing properties. It can reduce inflammation and can be considered as an antioxidant thus the power to heal a wound.

  • Boosts strength-

Peptides can enhance the strength as well as muscle mass in a human body. Peptides such as creatine can help you build muscles. They can be very helpful for bodybuilders and who want to enhance their strength during regular workouts.

What are the side effects of peptides?

For adults who are healthy, it is less likely to show any side effects. However, it may not be the case with everyone. Some of the common side effects of peptides are as follows-

Oral collagen can harm your body since it has a difficult time entering the bloodstream.

Peptides can cause skin-related issues such as rashes, irritation, sensitivity, itching, etc.

  • It can lead to an increase or decrease in weight loss.
  • High levels of blood pressure.
  • It has the potential to affect your fertility rate.
  • It can cause extreme kidney pain
  • It can trigger freckles and moles
  • It can lead to an increased feeling of hunger and water retention.
  • It can cause dry mouth
  • It can cause itching on the part where you inject
  • It can create a sensation of tingling or numbness.
  • It can lead to joint pain

Final Thoughts

Peptides may be beneficial for your body and weight loss but too much of anything can always cause harm. It is always the best idea to discuss with an expert before taking any peptide. Also, you need to understand first why you want to take peptides and how you want to take them.

Before buying anything, do thorough research about the brand and check all the ingredients used in it if it is in the form of a supplement. Make sure you do not take more than what is prescribed. If you happen to be taking any prior vitamins or medications, let your doctor know about it as it can cause side effects.

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