All You Need To Know About Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Benefits, Dos And Don’ts, Etc!

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Inflammation is often associated with redness and puffiness, isn’t it? However, it is much more than that. Studies have explained inflammation to be a response to immunity. Whenever a person faces any injury, the body releases the inflammatory cells which help to rescue and heal the injured part.

Various studies have time and again proved that inflammation is very natural. However, over the period, inflammation has been associated with new forms of diet. You may have heard of the anti-inflammatory diet, which may have surprised you at times. You might be curious to know about the kind of diet it is. Let’s know more about this diet and the various kinds of dos and don’ts associated with this. 

What Exactly Is An Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

An Anti–inflammatory diet is a special form of diet that prescribes a strict diet plan, the time to eat, and most importantly how much to eat. This diet helps to enhance the consumption of all the food items that help to fight inflammation. This form of diet becomes a lifestyle over some time.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

However, every region in the world has adopted its version of an anti-inflammatory diet. This has resulted in the creation of different types of anti-inflammatory diets. Some of these versions include popular dietary forms such as Mediterranean Diet, DASH Diet, MIND Diet, and Intermittent fasting.

Despite these differences, the basic pattern of the anti-inflammatory diet remains the same i.e. consumption of the food that reduces internal swelling and inflammation.

Benefits Of Following Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Practicing this dietary pattern, in the long run, has several health benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Helps to fight chronic inflammation
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
Prevent allergies
Fight obesity
Helps to overcome diabetes

Now let us unravel the important dos and don’ts of this dietary form.

Major Food Items In Anti-Inflammatory Diet – [Dos]

✅ It is always advisable to increase the consumption of anti-inflammatory food items in the diet. These foods include nuts, seeds, berries, soy, low-fat dairy products, peppers, proteins, tomatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, garlic, ginger, olive oil, black pepper, and most importantly, dark chocolate.

Anti-Inflammatory Food Items

✅ Consume a probiotic supplement every day. Probiotics are one of the most important constituents of the anti-inflammatory diet. It helps to fight inflammation and reduce the incidence of swelling inside the body.

✅ It is important to increase the consumption of caffeine while one is on an anti-inflammatory diet. Drinking coffee or tea four to five times may be very useful while following this diet.

✅ In addition, it is essential to consume more fiber. Fibre is the key nutrient to fight inflammation. It also helps to boost immunity and digestion over time. Since it improves metabolism, it becomes easier for the body to heal and recover from any injury.

✅ One must always prefer to have more organic food items. The freshness of these ingredients removes the toxins from the blood and promises you radiant skin, a healthy gut, and stronger immunity.

What Shouldn’t You Consume While Following An Anti-Inflammatory Diet? – [Don’ts]

❌ One must strictly cut down on the consumption of processed sugars. Sugar is injurious to health and increases the risk of diabetes and inflammation. It also weakens the immunity over time. As a result, it becomes difficult for the body to fight any diseases.

❌ Always refrain from having fast and junk food while practicing this form of diet. Fast food is injurious to health and can complicate health concerns over time. 

❌ One is strictly prohibited from consuming fats in any form. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of oils, butter, cheese, and sweets.

❌ If one wants to pursue this anti-inflammatory diet, then it is very important to avoid drinking alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol is a reason behind inflammation. Therefore, one must strictly refrain from beer, rum, whiskey, and vodka.

❌ It is always essential to reduce the overall intake of sodium for the best results to come up. Reducing the salt intake can reduce the efficiency of the body to hold more water. As a result, a person can also tend to lose weight.

❌ One must also say no to stale food. It is strongly recommended to consume only fresh food while practicing this form of diet.

Final Words

One may be in the position to state that if you are willing to naturally heal serious health concerns such as chronic inflammation, then nothing can be better than adhering to all of these dos and don’ts for the best results to come. This will surely help to bring all the health concerns to an end.

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