What Are Over The Counter Diet Aids?

What Are Over The Counter Diet Aids?

To understand the concept of Over Counter Diet Aids, we must know about the term ‘Diet Aids’. Diet Aids are dietary supplements that can be taken as supplements through the mouth, that is oral.

Can Diet Aids Imrove Your Overall Physical Health?

These dietary supplements contain minerals, vitamins, and herbs that are additional requirements of the body for a healthy lifestyle.

What Are Over The Counter Diet Aids?

With the increasing age of the people and adulteration in the food items, one must try to add these dietary supplements in their food chart. These diet aids are very crucial in giving a boost of energy and an additional nutritional supply. 

Diet Aids are also recommended for people who have gained excess weight. These supplementary nutritious capsules along with carbohydrate and fat-free diet can enable the individual to lose weight. These Over Counter Diet Aids are basically diet and weight loss pills but these diet pills should not be taken by anybody who does not have a prescription.

The doctor or the dietitian should be the right person to decide whether diet supplement capsules or weight loss capsules should be administered to the concerned patient. The healthcare provider would best describe the methods in which these diet aids should be taken by any individual. They also tell about the effects of these diet aids on the body if any. 

There are two types of Diet Aids

The two types of diet aids are prescription weight loss pills and over-the-counter weight loss pills. The former is specially prescribed by a medical practitioner. The latter can also contain herbal supplements that are very much prevalent these days. OTC i.e. Over-the-Counter pills or diet aids are herbal food supplements that can be purchased by someone who does not even have a prescription by a medical practitioner. It is a better option than the prescribed medicines because they contain and are made of natural ingredients rather than the prescribed medicines that are a mixture of different chemicals. The drugstores and vitamin and herbal shops sell over-the-counter diet aids to their customers without any prescription. There are certain benefits of these herbal food supplements and they have been mentioned as under.

Benefits of Over-the-Counter Diet Aids:

  • These herbal supplements reduce the bulky appetite of the individual that usually contains a lot of unhealthy food items and also promotes an individual towards making healthier food choices.
  • These herbal supplements increase the body’s ability to burn fat and reduce the amount of calories an individual intakes in a day.
  • The Over-the-Counter diet aids also prevents the body from absorbing any kind of fat from the food that an individual eats.
Benefits of Over-the-Counter Diet Aids

There are some drugs and dietary pills that require the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA approval. But, as these over-the-counter diet aids are completely made of natural ingredients and as they are herbal medications they are not counted under the category of high-end drugs and safety rules for them are not very strict. So, almost all the herbal over-the-counter diet aids are FDA approved. 

When buying these dietary supplements, one must take care of certain things such as the safety and effectiveness of the drug. The product manufacturers must also take responsibility for the drug that they make. They must ensure that these herbal supplements are completely made up of natural ingredients. These herbal products manufacturing companies must have strict checks so that any adulterated item is not combined with the pure substances. Yes, the effectiveness of these herbal supplements surely takes time but they prove to be effective in the long run. Here is a list of herbal Over-the-Counter Diet Aids that have been used over the ages:

  • Alli: This over-the-counter weight loss pill has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration authority. This herbal diet aid works by reducing fat absorption by the body. In a study carried out by using the concerned diet aid, the results showed a slight but significant loss in weight of the participants of this study.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: This herbal diet aid has been derived from a fruit that grows in warmer climates and this helps in reducing the weight of the individual by reducing the appetite of the individual. The study for this particular drug was given out five years back which showed a significant decrease in the weight of the participants.
  • Hence, with the studies carried out by different organizations, it can be said that Over-the-Counter Diet Aids are better options as supplements as well as weight loss options.

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