13 Brilliant Tips To Lose Ten Pounds In One Month – All You Need To Know

Tips To lose ten Pounds In One Month

There is the idea of losing weight through following a proper diet, moderate exercise, and keeping a proactive lifestyle. Then there is the concept of losing weight, around ten pounds in a matter of one month! Is it possible? If yes, how can it be achieved? For any weight loss journey, a disciplined lifestyle is necessary and this is achieved not just by making physical changes but also changing the overall mental perception of ourselves.

The journey is filled with great temptations, often at home, at our workplace, the evening parties that friends push you into, the weekend relaxers, and also the cheat days! All these are your greatest temptations that need to be sacrificed to reach the goal that you had aimed for. As a precautionary warning, do consult your healthcare expert or dietician before you start any sort of diet or weight loss regime.

What Are The Tips To Lose Pounds?

If you have any preexisting health conditions, certain diet plans can cause problems. Here are some tips to lose ten pounds in one month. 

The Tips To Lose Ten Pounds

1. Carbs Are Not Your Friends! 

So carbs are great for giving you that energy boost throughout the day but consuming them beyond a point only just adds to your body fat. So reduce your carbohydrate intake especially refined carbs or processed carbs as they don’t contain any nutrients. It’s always best to replace them with whole grains like oats, brown rice, and quinoa. 

2. Beverages Can Take A Break

Seriously! Beverages have become so normal in our lives that we consume them casually like water. They contain added and processed sugars that aren’t going to do any good for the body. On the contrary, the high-calorie value will only add to your body weight. So next time that casual glass of coke comes at you from a friend, be polite and say no. 

3. Sleep! It’s Good For You

    New studies are showing how important sleep is for the human body. Sleep helps the body balance its metabolism, gives rest to your mind and body, and repairs any sort of cell damage. So an ample amount of sleep will aid in weight loss. Also, healthy uninterrupted sleep is known to be a stress-buster too.

    4. Be A Nerd- A Calorie Nerd!  

    Yes! That’s right. Calories and weight loss have an inverse relationship. The fewer calories you consume, the better you can manage your weight loss. But that doesn’t mean that you should lower it to dangerous levels. Find an optimum calorie intake by knowing your metabolic rate and BMI. This will help you keep a track of how many calories you are supposed to take in order to lose the desired weight. 

    Tips To lose ten Pounds

    5. Fiber, Fiber, Do You Hear? 

    Fiber is one of the most overlooked dietary foods. Even when doctors and healthcare experts advise us to increase our intake of fiber, we just don’t want them because they are boring. But if you know their benefits, then you will make them your routine diet companion. They are great for controlling your hunger, cleaning your gut, and helping metabolize the fats in your body. So next time, that broccoli is left unattended on the plate, be sure to gobble it up ASAP! 

    6. Protein Is What You Need. 

    An ideal weight loss diet will always put protein on its top list. Protein is the juicy part of a diet regimen as they are loved by everyone and they are tasty too. Have a proper protein breakfast and there are multiple options like eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter, etc. According to research, protein makes you feel more satiated and it reduces the frequency of hunger. But at the same time, avoid oil-fried protein foods and reduce hard proteins like red meats. Fish is also a great source of light protein that contains omega-3 which is good for metabolism, mental health, cardiac health, etc. 

    7. Alcohol Is No Fun

    Consuming alcohol is not advised when we are following a diet regime. Alcohol is full of calories and it can take a heavy toll on your overall health. They can cause dehydration, create fat deposits in the liver, increase appetite, cause acidity, etc. All these work against your goal of reducing weight and if you go back on this then it can be hard to create a disciplined lifestyle.  

    Tips To lose ten Pounds

    8. Learn To Resist Temptation; Do Resistance Training

    Resistance training is proving to be a very effective method of burning body fat. It has started to show up in most gyms now and trainers are using this as a sure-shot method to give results. So the basic idea is to create an exercise routine where you are putting resistance against an opposing force that will help you build muscles and core strength. 

    9. Go Cardio! 

    Cardio exercises or aerobic workout is one of the most recommended methods for weight loss for all age groups. These basically include jogging, brisk walking, running, skipping, swimming, etc. and they are shown to be very effective in burning fat and providing overall well-being for the body. It is shown to improve your general mood and considering the covid-19 scenario, it is also known to improve lung health. 

    10. Lose That Stress!

    Stress as we all know is a silent killer and when it comes to weight loss too stress is one of the major villains. Individuals tend to have metabolic disorders, eating disorders, hypertension, etc because of uncontrolled stress and anxiety. Practice meditation, attend therapy, and maintain a healthy sleep cycle to reduce stress and create an active metabolism in your body. 

    11. Labels Matter

    While shopping for grocery items in the store, always read the ingredient labels of the food products that we are buying. Every product that has “natural” “organic” or “no fat” can be trusted. Search a little deeper and read the ingredients list to find out how much sugar, sodium, and fat it contains. If you think they contain way too much above your recommended level then do avoid them. 

    12. Save Your Souls And Don’t Use Sauce 

    Sauces are a very tasty companion with all your favorite junk food and sometimes even normal healthy food. But the catch is that sauces like mayo, maple syrup, ketchup, etc. have a lot of calories and fat inside them. You can create alternative dipping choices by putting in a little effort. This would go a long way in your diet management. 

     13. Hydrate, Chew And Burn! 

      Yes! You heard it right. Drinking the needed amount of water is key to burning calories. Drinking water has a lot of benefits like improving your skin, aiding in digestion, keeping your kidneys healthy, and firing up your metabolism. Another important yet overlooked tip is to chew your food slowly. Chewing initiates the first steps of digestion by mixing the food with your saliva which contains digestive enzymes. The more the mixing, the better digestion. So these might sound like silly habits but they provide long-term benefits. 

    All these tips will help you burn your body fat and trim your body weight to a great extent. However, any sort of diet plan or exercise needs to be done under proper supervision. It is not advisable to do them with our own limited knowledge as a lot of factors are needed to be considered. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the problem of obesity has been on a steady rise since 1962 when the first survey was conducted. The US National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases estimates that one in three American adults is found to be overweight. This is a concerning statistic as obesity is found to be the root cause of a lot of other serious health disorders. The CDC recommends setting realistic goals and to identify professional resources for your weight loss journey. It is important to understand that more than your desire for a well-toned body, it should be a desire for an overall healthy life where both mental and physical well-being is taken into consideration. 

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about a holistic approach to life that requires balance and discipline. In this present world, where food is celebrated and relied upon as a source of comfort, it will be hard to pull yourself out and embark on a diet plan that might take the heart and soul out of you. But, the larger picture always justifies the means of staying healthy and proactive, choosing good mental health is always better than being stressed about your weight and the conditions that can follow. The Covid-19 pandemic has further worsened the problem of obesity as there were lockdowns and people couldn’t move outside to basically lead a proactive life. This coupled with other stress like job, career, risk of infection, financial issues, etc. also adds to the increase in an unhealthy lifestyle. On top of this, researchers had found that obese people are more prone to the severity of Covid-19 infections as their immunity is weak compared to people who are not obese. 

    Keeping in mind all these factors, it is still important to know that the weight loss journey shouldn’t be motivated by impractical and drastic goals. It should be rooted in the awareness of your body and mind. Also, don’t fall for advertisements of dietary supplements that guarantee quick results as these can cause long-term harm if taken without proper consultation with a healthcare professional.                                                                         

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