Some Quick Fixes Against Bloated Belly

Some Quick Fixes Against Bloated Belly

A bloated belly is never welcomed by anybody. But you can expect this guest any time at any point to torment you. And as you think, it could not be so easy to distract yourself from this condition and put more focus on something else that you should do so urgently. All you want to have is a quick fix with which you can find relief. Fortunately, you have countless options to choose and most of them can soothe you instantly or within a matter of a few minutes. 

Some Quick Fixes Against Bloated Belly

What Is A Bloated Belly?

If you are wondering why all of a sudden you got to suffer from this, and the probable reasons behind it. It occurs when your gastrointestinal tract gets filled with gas or air. You can experience it with a sensation of tightness, or fullness in the belly. Or you may feel as if your abdomen got swollen. And at the same time, you will feel it is very painful too. 

Additionally, a frequent belching or burping comes complementarity accompanied by rumbling and gurgles. 

What Triggers Bloating?

It is the result of excess gas buildup in your stomach or intestines. And the reasons behind this gas build-up are many. Sometimes, the causes of bloating in the belly can be serious too.

  • Metabolic issues: like gluten or lactose intolerances, allergies against any food, or constipation.
  • Dietary issues: excess amount of salt and sugar, fizzy drinks, not enough and more than enough fiber content in foods.
  • Hormonal changes: especially during pregnancy, before or after monthly periods.
  • Pancreatic insufficiency: where the pancreas is unable to produce enough digestive enzymes. 

Quick And Effective Remedies

The pain and discomfort that come with bloating can be unbearable sometimes. But you are so lucky that you can find the right remedy within your home. Since you are looking for a quick but effective remedy for bloating, let me help you with that. Here are a few quick fixes you can consider to get you out of its taunts.

1 Engage Yourself In A Physical Activity

If you do some physical activities, it would let your bowel move in a regular way to release the extra gas and clasped stool. You can either go for a walk or do some simple plays. In case you are constipated, your bowel needs to have a regular movement. After finishing a few steps around your lane will give you sudden relief from gas and pain. 

2 Drink Enough Water

You may feel it is wrong as you think drinking any fluid will worsen your condition more. But actually, it would soothe your pain and discomfort instantly. Besides, drinking sufficient water is the key to boost your metabolism and make your digestion in optimal condition. 

3 Drink Ginger Tea

Drinking a cup of ginger tea will improve your digestive system and cures many conditions in which you may feel discomfort in your digestive tract or simply your belly. It is ideal for you to begin your day with it as you will feel the effect throughout the day.

4 Do Some Yoga Moves

Yoga moves are effective for you to give sudden relief from bloating. Because they will help your abdomen muscles to remain intact. This will lead to the rapid release of gas that is stricken in your stomach or GI tract. The yoga poses which you can follow to get rid of bloating in the belly can be: 

  • Child’s pose
  • Happy baby pose
  • Cat cow pose
  • Bow pose
  • Seated twist 

Doing a few squats also can help you to get sudden relief from bloating.

5 Abdominal Massages

If you try massaging your abdomen, it will improve your bowel movement. 

But ensure that you are doing it correctly on yourself if you want to get rid of discomfort or pain immediately. 

 To do the massaging in the right way you can follow these steps: 

  • Keep your hands just above your right hip bone. 
  • Now you need to massage the area towards the right part of your ribs in a circular motion while applying slight pressure. 
  • Now you need to continue massaging straight across your upper belly to the left side of your ribs. 
  • Now proceed towards your left hip bone. 
  • You can repeat massaging until you find relief. 

As bloating in your belly is associated with your lifestyle and eating patterns, you need to find a remedy that can soothe you forever. You can find peace with certain pills or supplements as they will help you to improve your condition. But it is better to bring some changes in your diet and habits that will prevent you from the attacks of bloating. These may include, increasing your physical activity, increasing your fiber intake, drinking more water, and timely having your meals. Besides, you need to avoid foods and drinks that contain ingredients that can be toxic.

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