Obesity Rates In America By State: A Detailed Information!

Obesity Rate In America By State

Obesity has become one of the life-threatening conditions in the United States. Data shows that one-third of the US adults are now suffering from obesity. The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the situation by accelerating the number of cases of obesity.

In this article, we will be analyzing the obesity rate in America by state. Going through you will get a detailed idea regarding which is the state with the highest obesity rates and which is the state with the lowest rates of obesity. Jump right into the article to find out obesity rates in America by state. 

Obesity In The United States

Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that more than one-third of the American population is obese. Obesity and overweight have been becoming major challenges for the overall well-being of people here.

By the onset of the pandemic, the data has even gone higher and has caused a major ruckus in the US healthcare system.

Obesity In The United States

Studies show that obesity can cause many health risks such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, etc.

It can also increase the mortality rate and result in a major financial crisis. The latest trends regarding obesity rates show that the United States ranks 12th in the world for obesity. Based on this data, 37.9% of men and 41.1% of women are suffering from obesity in the United States.

Along with this, 15% of children and teens are now considered to be overweight which is three times higher than the statistics of the 1980s. All these factors point out the fact that obesity is becoming a growing concern in the United States. 

Which Are The Most Obese States In America?

Based on recent data, there are 10 states in the United States that top as the most obese states. They are considered part of the “obesity belt”. The most obese states in the United States are as follows:

  1. West Virginia– The number one on the list of most obese states in America is West Virginia. The obesity rate here is 40.6%. Known as the mountain state, West Virginia has fewer opportunities to access healthy food choices. This has led to the increased number of fast food outlets in the state which can be considered the major culprit behind making West Virginia number one in the most obese states in America. 
  1. Kentucky– The obesity rate in Kentucky is 40.3% which lies closer to the condition in West Virginia. Famous for Kentucky Fried Chicken, this state is number second in most cases of obesity in America. 
  1. Alabama– Number third on the list is Alabama which has around 39.9% of obesity rates. Some of the factors that lead to Alabama’s higher obesity rates include bad eating habits, poverty, Southern culture, and climate.
  1. Oklahoma– The obesity rate in Oklahoma is 39.4% which is placed fourth on the list. One of the reasons behind the increased obesity rates in Oklahoma is the sedentary lifestyle followed by people there. Also, a lack of access to healthy food choices contributes to this condition. 
  1. Mississippi– Number fifth in the obesity belt is Mississippi which has around 39.1% obesity rates. Some of the reasons behind Mississippi being a high obesity state are fewer public spaces for exercise, lack of health insurance coverage, and poor diets. 
  1. Arkansas– Studies show that around 38.7% of the population in Arkansas is obese. And based on the annual “State of Obesity ” reports, it is one of 19 states with higher obesity rates amounting to 35% or above. 
  1. Louisiana– Ranked 7th in the most obese cases in America, Louisiana has an obesity rate of 38.6%. One of the reasons that make Louisiana higher in the obesity rate spectrum is the poor access to healthy foods. 
  2. South Dakota– 38.4% of the population in South Dakota is considered obese making this state 8th on the list of most obese states in America. 
  1. Ohio– Recent research has shown that nearly half of the people from Ohio are obese. And the obesity rate here is higher than the national average. Currently, Ohio has an obesity rate of around 37.7% in total. 
  1. Missouri–  Missouri ranks 10th in the obesity rate spectrum amounting to 37.3% of obesity. And recent data from the state shows that almost 2 out of 3 adults in Missouri are obese or overweight.

Which Are The Least Obese States In America?

One interesting fact is that all these least obese states are located in the coastal regions of the United States. This suggests that factors like lifestyle where there is more availability for outdoor activities and access to freshly produced healthy food items can play a role in reducing obesity rates.

Also, these states have some kind of legislation on portion control and added sugars and that might be another factor behind less obesity rates in these states. Here are the 10 US states with least rates of obesity:

  1. District of Columbia– District of Columbia has the least rate of obesity in America which is 24.7%. This is considered lower than the national average rate of obesity. 
  1. Hawaii– In the total list of states, Hawaii is the 49th most obese state in America and has a rate of 25%.
  1. Colorado– Being the third in the least obese states of America, Colorado has an obesity rate of 25.1%.  It is also the 7th healthiest state in the United States.
  1. Massachusetts– The health care policies in the state can be one reason behind the factor that makes Massachusetts one of the least obese states in America. It has an obesity rate of around 27.4%.
  1. California– Closer to Massachusetts, California has an obesity rate of 27.6%. And the state ranks among the 10 best states in America for a healthy and long life. 
  1. New Jersey– New Jersey has an obesity rate of 28.2% and ranks 6th in the least obese states in America. 
  1. Washington -28.8% of adults in Washington are considered obese. The state has a fluctuating trend in obesity rates. 
  1. Vermont– Vermont has an obesity rate of 29% making it the 8th least obese state in America.
  1. New York– Since 1997, there has been an increase in obesity rates in New York. Currently, the state has around a 29.1% obesity rate.
  1. Rhode Island– 30% of adults in Rhode Island are considered obese making it the 10th in the least obese states of America. 

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Obesity Rates In America By State

The obesity rates in America by state have been provided below:

1. Alabama39.9%26. Montana31.8%
2. Alaska33.5%27. Nebraska35.9%
3. Arizona31.3%28. Nevada31.3%
4. Arkansas38.7%29. New Hampshire 30.6%
5. California 27.6%30. New Jersey28.2%
6. Colorado25.1%31. New Mexico34.6%
7. Connecticut30.4%32. New York29.1%
8. Delaware33.9%33. North Carolina36%
9. District of Columbia24.7%34. North Dakota35.2%
10. Georgia33.9%35. Ohio37.7%
11. Hawaii25%36. Oklahoma39.4%
12. Idaho31.6%37. Oregon30.4%
13. Illinois34.2%38. Pennsylvania33.3%
14. Indiana36.3%39. Rhode Island30.1%
15. Iowa36.4%40. South Carolina36.1%
16. Kansas36%41. South Dakota38.4%
17. Kentucky40.3%42. Tennessee35%
18. Louisiana38.6%43. Texas36.1%
19. Maine31.9%44. Utah 30.9%
20. Maryland34.3%45. Vermont29%
21. Massachusetts27.4%46. Virginia34.2%
22. Michigan34.4%47. Washington28.8%
23. Minnesota32.4%48. West Virginia40.6%
24. Mississippi39.1%49. Wisconsin33.9%
25. Missouri37.3%50. Wyoming32%

Final Take

On going through the article, you can find that obesity in America is a growing concern. Almost 33.5% of the US population is battling conditions such as obesity and being overweight. This has made the US one of the countries with a higher number of cases of obesity.

The United States has 50 constituent states of which West Virginia has the highest rates of obesity. The state has a 40.6% obesity rate while the lowest obesity rate in America is for the District of Columbia. By incorporating proper national policies and actions, America can fight against the ongoing obesity pandemic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many Americans are considered obese or overweight?

Around 160 million Americans are considered obese or overweight.

Q.  Which state in America has the highest rates of obesity?

West Virginia has the highest obesity rates amounting to up to 40%.

Q.  Which state has the least obesity rates in America?

The District of Columbia has the least obesity rates in America. ( 24.7%)

Q. How much increase is there in obesity rates since 1999?

Since 1999, obesity rates have increased from 30.5% to 42.4%.

Q.  What is the obesity rate in California?

California has an obesity rate of 27.6%.

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