Mikey Musumeci Diet: A Weird But Interesting Diet For Pizza Lovers!

Mikey Musumeci Diet

With a simple mouse click, one can find different kinds of diets which vary in their guidelines. The basic aim of almost all diets is to make you fit and healthy. To this goal, most diets will suggest eliminating harmful carbs and processed food items.

But what about a diet that exclusively consists of pizza and pasta? Nope. Not a joke. Not at least for Mikley Musumeci, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion. Read on to know more about the interesting story of the diet of Mikey Musumeci here.

Who Is Mikey Musumeci?

Nicknamed the Darth Rigatoni of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice, Mikey Musumeci is the first American to earn more than one IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) black belt title.  For people who are unaware of what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is, it is a self-defense martial arts practice that consists of grappling, submission holds and ground fighting. Abbreviated as BJJ, it is highly influenced by traditional Japanese Jujutsu, which is a Japanese martial art.

Mikey Musumeci is called affectionately Darth Rigatoni because of two reasons. The term Darth resonates with the Darth Vader character of the Star Wars franchise, who reflects his dark side that comes out in the combat arena. Rigatoni is a famous pasta that originated in Italy. Mikey Musumeci is known for his love for Italian foods such as Pizza and Pasta. That is why his fans call him ‘Darth Rigatoni’, which means a combination of both his soft and hard sides.

Mikey Musumeci was born in Marlboro, New Jersey but he is actually of Italian ancestry. The 26-year-old champion had been training since a young age in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu along with his sister, Tammi Musumeci. He was four times IBJJF world champion and also the IBJJF Pan American Champion in 2016 in the Black Belt category.

He was also a world and pan champion in the colored belt multiple times. Currently, he is assigned to ONE Championship, which is a Singapore-based combat sports promotion. Musumeci usually fights under the feather/rooster category which is one of the weight divisions of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

Mikey Musumeci Diet: What Is So Special About It?

Mikey Musumeci is known among his fans for his weird diet style. The nickname ‘Darth Rigatoni’ has been inspired by his diet. Rigatoni is pasta that originated in Italy. The combat sportsperson is known for his love for pizzas. Many athletes are trying to shed their extra pounds by following rigid diets. But Musumeci likes to walk on a path that no one has walked before.

For him, eating pasta and pizza daily is the ideal diet.  This is a bit weird for anyone who knows much about dieting and the need to cut those carbs away. But for Musumeci, this is the secret of his health and performance.

Mikey Musumeci Diet

In many interviews, the young star of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has opened up about his love for Italian food. According to him, from a younger age itself, he had started dieting. This urge to cut weight and restrict certain foods started to have an impact on his health.

When Mikey Musumeci realized that his unhealthy diet patterns are leading to an eating disorder, he had to take a break. That is when this martial artist started to follow his taste buds and enjoy whatever he likes to eat.

A day in the life of Musumeci: What he eats?

Musumeci himself has revealed what he eats through many interviews.  According to this young blood of martial arts, when he wakes up he engages in some physical training. Rigorous training is an important part of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so the martial artist has to spend most of his time on that purpose.

Soon after the workout, he drinks electrolytes and caffeine. He consumes half a gallon of water mixed with electrolytes. For him, water consumption is really important and caffeine also helps him with proper hydration and maintaining energy.

Mikey Musumeci Diet

After this, the sports phenomena will engage in other rounds of practice and a little later he will have an additional cup of coffee.  One of the astonishing parts of his diet is that he eats only one time and that too at night. According to him, the daytime goes very fast and he does not feel hungry during the day. At night, he will have a huge meal. So the next morning when he wakes up he will already be feeling full. 

The Jiu-Jitsu sensation likes to enjoy whatever he eats and for him, enjoying life to the fullest is the goal. As per the sports icon, he doesn’t have any conditions such as cholesterol or sugar. All of the blood tests are normal for Musumeci and his diet works for him.

Mikey Musumeci remembers that he used to do rigorous diets earlier. But none of them worked. There were times when the pro-martial artist would spend at least two weeks without eating anything. Then he will engage in a cheat day to have his favorite pizza or pasta. But now, he hilariously remarks that ‘every day is a cheat day’.

Mikey Musumeci has a large Instagram fan base. From his Instagram account, it is evident that the Jiu-Jitsu star loves to display his affection for Italian cuisine. Many of the posts in his feed portray Musumeci with pasta and pizza.

According to him, his diet usually consists of having a large main course meal at dinner time which consists of homemade pizza or pasta.  The Flyweight World Champion has described himself as a super nerd who is also a food connoisseur and animal lover. 

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