Health Risks Of Canned Foods – Everything You Needs To Know!

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On a trip to the grocery store, you might have picked up a few cans of tuna or baked beans to consume on those days when cooking seems like such a monumental task. These frozen goods serve as easy substitutes to various meals and can prove to be a very easy fix and remove all the hassles that go into making scrumptious, healthy foods.

How Canned Foods Affect Our Health?

While these items may provide temporary respite from your cooking responsibilities, you must also know that these goods are packed with a range of health risks that often go unnoticed due to the immense convenience that using this product provides. However, due to the recent shift towards a healthier diet, all these risks have been unmasked, and more people are making themselves aware of the dangers that canned food items prove to be for our health. 

 Canned Foods

What was once used as a means to ensure that our soldiers had enough food to last them on their long, arduous journeys to the various posts, canned foods have now become a staple in many households. Although the method may vary from product to product, the basic steps remain the same, that is, the food inside goes through rigorous processing, which is then sealed shut into the can, and then heated to ensure that there are no bacteria and in turn, to prevent spoilage.

In the canned foods section of most supermarkets, you will usually find yourself looking at a variety of products such as seafood, meats, soup, vegetables, and even fruits.

As you might have guessed, heating the foods inside these cans often lead to a loss in the nutrients packed in them. Although this phenomenon is quite rare, canned foods may sometimes be breeding grounds for deadly bacteria such as Clostridium Botulinum. Consuming such food items can lead to botulism, which may have disastrous side effects such as paralysis, and even death is overlooked. This is why one must make sure to never consume anything from cans that are leaking or cracked in any way.

During the canning process, a lot of companies often choose to add high amounts of sugar, salt, and even preservatives. For anyone with high blood pressure, consuming such heightened amounts of salt can lead to very bad consequences, one of which is the looming risk of a plethora of heart diseases.

These added sugars also contribute to an increased risk of many maladies such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases as well. A lot of canned foods contain a given amount of BPA (Bisphenol A), which not only increased blood pressure but also puts you at a higher risk of developing cancer, along with birth defects among children, if consumed too much by pregnant women. A lot of studies have shown that canned foods contained BPA levels almost as high as 40%, which is a serious cause for concern among those who regularly consume canned food items.

Furthermore, one cannot ignore the fact that due to the expiration date that is printed on most cans, it leaves plenty of time for the tin from the can to transfer into your food. If this level remains uncontrolled, then it could lead to inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract. Too much exposure to tin has also been the cause of skin problems, irritation in the eye, and neurological disorders in many cases. 

To aid with preservation and also to enhance the flavor of the foods in the cans, big brands often make use of sodium phosphate in their soups. If consumed regularly, this could lead to a range of negative side effects. Some of the worst ones include bone loss, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, tissue damage, renal impairment, and even hormonal imbalance in your body.

Another issue is the prevalence of zinc in canned foods, which while may be seemingly harmless in small amounts, can cause various problems in your body over the long run.

Truth be told, canned foods are easier to consume and might be easy to reach for in our fast-paced lifestyle. We find ourselves constantly opting for on-the-go foodstuff, and canned foods are just an excellent example of it. However, after going through the many negative effects listed above, you might consider switching to organic and freshly prepared substitutes.

You see, nothing beats fresh food. So, even if you are extremely tired, think about the harm that canned foods can cause in your body, and consciously pick healthier, fresher alternatives, and do yourself the favor of protecting your health, which is the most important thing. 

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