Should You Take Creatine While Trying To Lose Belly Fat? – Here’s The Answer

Should You Take Creatine While Trying To Lose Belly Fat

Are you having issues with losing belly fat even after trying out so hard? Then hold on for a sec and do go through this article here which will explain to you why it’s hard to lose belly fat.

Before that, what do you think about belly fat? Is losing belly fat an easy step in your weight loss journey? How can one easily lose belly fat? Is it possible to lose this fat without any hardship? All these are some of the frequently asked questions by people who are getting started with their weight loss journey. Even after trying out so hard losing weight can be very stressful than being obese. And in such cases, people depend more on health supplements that could fasten their results.

While talking of weight loss supplements, have you ever heard about creatine? Is it really a supplement or is it something artificial that could bring a negative impact on human health? Does creatine help lose belly fat? Really not much aware of this? In that case, check out this article to know more about creatine, its effects on the human body, and whether it really does help in your weight loss journey. Also, you’ll get to learn more about the one thing which is troubling you for so long, belly fat. So, come let’s find it out without any further delay. 

What Really Is Belly Fat?

Fat plays a crucial role in the human body as it is the source of essential fatty acids that our body can’t produce within. It helps in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Being fat soluble means all these vitamins can be absorbed into the body only with the help of fats. Also, fat plays a major role in various bodily functions like energy production, storage, and hormone regulation. And the leftover fat that is not used for energy production gets turned into body fat. 

Similarly, leftover carbohydrates and protein gets converted into body fat which later gets accumulated in different parts of the human body. But in most cases, the extra fats tend to get accumulated mostly around the midsection. 

Creatine Help To Lose Belly Fat

Abdominal or visceral fat acts as a catalyst for various health disorders. It gets accumulated deep inside the abdominal cavity in the gaps between the organs in the abdomen. But is it as easy to get rid of these fat accumulations as it is to get heaped up?      

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Is It Hard To Lose Belly Fat? And Is It Really Necessary?

One of the major steps an obese person must take in their weight loss journey is losing belly fat which is not easy as it sounds. Also, just as it sounds crazy, it is extremely harmful too. It not only lessens your self-confidence but also is bad for your health. Because if not cared for properly, it can even lead to several major deadly diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular failures, stroke, etc. 

Losing belly fat is so tough that it is assumed as an active fat. It releases a hormone that is harmful to human health and could even affect badly on your weight loss journey. This hormone is capable of creating a negative impact on losing weight, especially from the waist and abdomen areas. As per the research carried out by experts around the world, it is learned that this fat acts as an extra organ within the body.  

Fat accumulations in other parts of your body can be eliminated with the help of diet, exercise, etc. But this is not the same with belly fat as it takes time and effort to get rid of this deadly fat accumulation. And at times it even requires the help of a physician. Also, for people over the age of 40, losing belly fat is very hard because of the impact of these fats on your hormones. Due to hormonal changes, people undergoing 40s and above will increase their level of belly fat accumulation and this increases the risk of getting affected by several diseases. Not only age but even other factors like inactivity, poor diet, stress, anxiety issues, genetics, etc can lead to the development of belly fat. 

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

Abdominal fat or visceral fat accumulations can be treated to an extent using diet plans and exercise routines. But this won’t affect much for those with a larger tummy. In such cases, it is better to take advice from either a dietician or a physician. As per the latest technology, several fat removal procedures are normally suggested by doctors or experts to eliminate belly fat.

Coolsculpting and EmSculpt use noninvasive energy which is penetrated into the skin without any surgery or incision. The level of energy can vary from one to the other and this will be visible in the results. 

In Coolsculpting, freezing energy is used to break the cell walls of fat and within weeks your body will eliminate the fatty residue thus uncovering leaner shapes. On the other hand, EmSculpt utilizes electromagnetic waves in order to facilitate the muscles in your abdomen. By doing so, these waves create multiple contractions which aid in toning your muscles. As per the experts, EmSculpt’s results are compared to that of thousands of crunches or squats. With these two methods, people struggling with tons of belly fat will get the body of their dreams which is in perfect shape and at the same time the best physique they’ve had so far.  

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is basically a natural substance that is found within the human body. This substance is present in muscle cells and helps them in energy production at times of lifting heavy weights or while doing high-intensity workouts. Creatine is available in the form of supplements and is taken mostly by athletes and bodybuilders. The intake of this substance may benefit to help out in muscle gaining, strength enhancement, and even in order to boost exercise performance.   

Creatine To Lose Belly Fat

As per the reports, creatine is much more similar to amino acids that are present in the body. These amino acids help in the production of proteins while your body produces creatine using amino acids like glycine and arginine. Around half of the total creatine produced within the human body is produced from the food consumed, like red meat and seafood. While the rest is developed in the liver and kidney from amino acids. 

Is Creatine Helpful In Losing Belly Fat?

Creatine, which is considered the top head of supplements, is a better choice for those who wish to build lean muscle mass. They are effective in numerous ways including physiological processes like increased muscle hypertrophy, enhanced cognitive performance, etc. it is even helpful in speeding up muscle growth and recovery. When taken in supplement form, this substance could enhance athletic performance by increasing muscle capacity.

But as per research, creatine doesn’t help much to lose belly fat or total body weight loss. For people expecting instant or faster belly fat loss, then it’s better to depend on something else. 

As mentioned above, creatine is produced in the liver and kidney and is stored in the muscle tissue as phosphocreatine. Since the human body can store more phosphocreatine than what the body produces, creatine intake in the form of supplements will deliver more energy to your muscles. And this intake helps in high-intensity exercises like weight lifting. Also, with this increased intake, you can do more repetitions in weight lifting and other high-intense workouts. Even though creatine helps in such cases, it doesn’t help much in belly fat oxidation directly. 

According to several studies carried out by different universities, creatine supplements are believed to help enhance strength and lean mass. Both these help a lot in weight lifting and youngsters in their 20s and 30s are much benefited from this as it helps in boosting their athletic performance. For people over the age of 60, this substance will not help much anyways. 


After a detailed study, it is learned that creatine doesn’t help much to lose belly fat directly. But on the other hand, this supplement can aid in supporting and protecting your muscles by increasing the water levels in your muscles. By doing so, this surplus water weight could help improve and safeguard your muscle fibers from damage. And this is the same as drinking plenty of water while going through diets or other weight loss strategies. Excess water helps your muscles from injury or breakdown caused by dehydration which is quite commonly faced during the cutting stage.   

Moreover, creatine intake for continuous four weeks of training can help youngsters boost the intensity of training and lifting. And with this, they can lose excess fat, enhance muscle strength, and improve power performance. As a result, we can conclude that creatine could help in healthy natural fat loss indirectly rather than direct effects.      

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