Morbid obesity – A Serious Health Condition?

Morbid obesity - A Serious Health Condition

Having morbid obesity can be very risky since it can expose you to many critical health issues. It will not only risk your health condition, but it will lead to some other difficulties in your life. You will find it difficult to walk, sleep, breathe and perform other daily tasks.

Morbid obesity : What Are The Causes?

Morbid obesity has become a common issue, and this is due to high levels of body fat. It is not a thing that you can keep silent on because it has become like an epidemic. Nowadays, much attention has been given to it because it has become a health problem. 

Morbid obesity - A Serious Health Condition

Below, you will get more information about what morbid obesity is. You will know if morbid obesity is a dangerous health condition, the things you can do to avoid morbid obesity and the different treatment options you can use for morbid obesity.

What Is Morbid Obesity?

It is a question you should ask yourself even before you explore more what this condition means. Do not worry much; continue reading. You will find more about what morbid obesity means and which are criteria can be used to determine if you are a morbidly obese person or not. This condition is widely defined using your body mass index. Then how can your body mass index be used to determine if you have this condition? If your body mass index is more than 35 to up to 40, it is an indication you might have morbid obesity. 

 Morbid Obesity

The body mass index can be to determine the ideal weight for various heights. It does the measurement by estimating your body fat and determining if your body weight is healthy or not. In terms of your weight, you can have morbid obesity if you have a body weight over the ideal one, which should be at least 100 pounds and less.

Here the body fats accumulating in your body is due to many calories from the food you consume. Somebody fats are in metabolic activities, but the excess calories stored in your body are fats. When these stored fats become too much in your body, it may lead to morbid obesity. The body mass index tool helps when it comes to determining if you have healthy body weight or not. Also, sometimes you can

compare your waist to hip ratio, and it can give you a great idea if you have too many fats in your body. If you have a high waist circumference, then your body fats might be more than expected.

Therefore it’s clear that this condition is based on the percentage of your body fats if they are above the ideal rate. So you can define morbid obesity as a disorder or a severe health condition of having excess body fats in your body that put you at risk for other health problems.

Is It A Dangerous Health Condition?

Since you know what morbid obesity is, what is crossing your mind by now is if this condition is dangerous to your health or not. In simple words, the answer is yes. Morbid obesity is a dangerous health condition. Below is how this condition is complex.

Morbid obesity comes with a lot of complications to your health or even to your daily activities. Some of the dangerous complications include:

Type 2 diabetes

When you become an obese person, then your body will resist insulin. It will make your body not able to regulate your levels of blood sugar. The blood sugar level will rise and cause a disease known as Type 2 diabetes.


Suppose you have excess body fats in your body. One of the organs that will be affected a lot is the heart. Your heart will not work correctly because most of the fats usually accumulate or surround the heart. When your heart fails to function correctly, then it will lead to a condition called hypertension. It is a situation where you have heart disease or high blood pressure. It will damage the heart and also lead to conditions like stroke.


If you are overweight, there is a chance that some of the excess body fats will accumulate on your joints like hips, knees, and other joints. This condition may cause rapid tear and wear together with inflammation and pain to your joints. IT also leads to some strain on your muscles, bones and it may cause many other problems. This situation will lead to a health condition that is called Osteoarthritis. 

Respiratory Issues 

Morbid obesity is dangerous because it can lead to respiratory issues and sleeping disorders. The fats accumulating in your body may block the air circulation system, leading to respiratory problems. The poor or difficulty of sleeping may force the person to even fall asleep, which may, in turn, cause headaches and drowsiness.


Having too much bodyweight usually overloads and weakens the valve, which carries stomach acid to the esophagus. This condition will lead to heartburn due to the accumulation of stomach acid. It will, in turn, cause indigestion problems and other complications like esophageal cancer.


Another dangerous condition of health due to morbid obesity is depression. The person with this condition will have constant emotional challenges like disapproval from other people, failed diets, and many other things. This discrimination rate will force you not to fit well with the community, leading to depression.


It is a dangerous health condition caused by morbid obesity. It comes in due to too many fats in your body. It will alter the normal functioning of both the female and male hormones. This condition may lead to the person being infertile.

 Morbid Obesity side effects

What Are The Things To Be Done To Avoid Morbid Obesity?

Now you are wondering since I have known how dangerous this condition is, how can I stay away from it? To answer your question, there are many things you can use to avoid morbid obesity.

Below are some of the things you should do to prevent this condition:

  • You should use unprocessed foods.
  • You have to consume fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid saturated, and Trans fats but only use healthy fats.
  • Shun away or reduce intake of sweetened and sugary foods.
  • It would help if you regulated the calories you take into your diet.
  • It would be best if you only ate at regular times.
  • You should check on your eating habits like the quantity, also how fast you eat.
  • Involve yourself in physical activities to burn excess calories like swimming, cycling, walking, and many other activities.
  • Things To Be Done To Avoid Morbid Obesity

    Here the secret is to develop a healthy diet and physical fitness, and you will be able to escape from this dangerous health condition.

    Different Treatment Options For Morbid Obesity

    Now you can tell if you have morbid obesity or not. The question you may have now is, what are the different treatment options for morbid obesity? You don’t have to worry. There are various options you can use to treat this health condition.

    Let’s explore some of these options below.

    Changing the diet you take

    Changing your diet can help to treat this condition. Here, you need to drop your unhealthy or poor diet and use a healthy diet. You have to track everything you bit, even the snacks. You have to use food that has low calories or can burn the excess calories in your body. With this plan, you will lose a lot of pounds along the way.

    Have a physical fitness plan.

    You can use physical activity to treat this condition. You should have a plan and stick to it regularly. Through physical fitness exercises, you will be able to lose weight faster than even the diet plan. It would help if you used healthy physical activities to avoid other complications like injuring yourself.


    Another treatment option is using medication. There is medicine currently available that can help to lose morbid obesity. You may consider using this method, and you should go for the drugs that do not have side effects on your body.


    It is another option you may opt to treat your morbid obesity. It is a method that is advisable to do if the above options do not work for you. So here is the rule: you have to try any of the above options before you opt to use it. It should be your last option for treating after the other option was an unsuccessful condition.

    Treatment Options For Morbid Obesity

    Final Verdict On Morbid Obesity

    Congratulations, you read till the end of this article. You are now a resourceful person about morbid obesity. That’s great. It’s lovely that you have known that morbid obesity is not a health condition. It is just a condition that can put you in other dangerous health conditions.

    If you have morbid obesity or you can consider the things you have learned, you will be able to lower your weight. You can also seek medical attention to receive more advice. All these options you can use to make sure you prevent and treat this condition. It will help you to avoid the complications caused by morbid obesity.

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