Is Linzess A Reason For Your Depression?

Is Linzess A Reason For Your Depression

Gone are the days when mental illnesses were considered taboo. While there are still some hurdles ahead, today, mental health has received the spotlight at a global level. This calls to attend one of the most common mental health issues, that is, depression. A large fraction of the world’s population suffers from depression, and while some are able to afford treatment, a lot of people still have to diagnose it in disguise. Depression comes in various forms and involves a low period of numbness, crying, loss of appetite, fatigue, and other such symptoms.

Does Linzess Cause Depression?

Depression can be caused by a variety of underlying causes, often due to some childhood trauma. That being said, in this world of advanced pharmaceuticals, the effects of various drugs on the market have been traced back to depression. One such drug refers to Linzess, which is essentially the generic name for Linaclotide. It helps ease the symptoms of and treat chronic constipation and associated bowel-related disorders. If you too have wondered about the ongoing debate of whether or not Linzess causes depression, then take a look at this article to find out.

Is Linzess A Reason For Your Depression

IBS and depression

Before we delve into the effect of Linzess on your mental health, it is quite important to know about the effect of IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, and depression. The health of your gut largely determines the state of mind that you are in, primarily because it is controlled by the nervous system and therefore is able to send signals to the brain. Around half of the people who suffer from IBS, also experience depression and anxiety to a large extent. Although it is not the root cause of depression, it can worsen the effects of pre-existing conditions by making you feel bloated as well as nauseous. Constantly stressing over the movement of your bowel and experiencing fatigue due to the syndrome has long-standing effects on your mood, which increases your susceptibility towards developing mental disorders. The relation between depression and IBS works both ways since an unhappy mind can also affect the bowel movement and may lead to IBS over the long term.

Linzess and depression

Although the strong and direct relationship between chronic bowel trouble and depression has been established, there is

little evidence to suggest that a similar relationship can be established between Linzess and depression. If someone experiences depression while taking this medication, then it can be a result of the disorder and not the medicine itself. That being said, quite a few users of this medication have reported experiencing major symptoms of anxiety and depression right after taking this medicine. It is recommended that you take your mental health condition into account and report it to your doctor to take any precautions in case this drug is being prescribed to you. If you experience these adverse mental illnesses only after you start taking this medicine then it is impertinent to go visit your doctor. Multiple medical opinions can generally confirm whether or not the root cause of your depression is this medical drug.

Avoiding this side-effect:

Since many people have reported depression and anxiety to be a side effect of this drug, it is better to ensure that you consume it the right way in order to reduce the risk of bearing most of the brunt of these side effects. You could do this by not exceeding the prescribed dosage in any case, listening to the signs that your body gives you, talking to your doctor about your history of mental illnesses, and storing the medicine under proper conditions.

The bottom line is, while there is no proven link between this drug and depression, it is an undeniable fact that quite a few people have still been afflicted. Researchers say that usually, this depression can be traced back to the bowel syndrome itself, so try to take steps to keep your gut as healthy as possible. Consult your doctor before taking any prescribed drugs such as Linzess, with importance laid on any existing mental health disorders. Consume this drug wisely, since it brings out plenty of other side effects apart from depression. Like most drugs today, it too comes with its fair share of shortcomings. The best way to deal with this is to ensure smart consumption and promptness when it comes to seeking medical advice. Remember that your mental health matters, so at any point in time, seek the help of a helpline, medical professional, or a trusted companion.

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