About us

Who We Are

We are Obesity Controllers Association, a panel that supports solving obesity and weight gain conundrums that users have been dealing with. Obesity has been a serious problem and our panel members can reinvigorate you with our precise standards and health-enhancing recommendations.


We have the Vision to bridge every gap and solve the problems of at least 1 million obesity struggling men and women who dream high of living a happy and glitch-free life.


Our mission has been aligned to awaken people back to a happy and breathable life. Our panel has a predetermined set of safer solutions for improving people’s quality of life that was blown away through obesity and the related problems.

Our Quality

We guide you through various plans and solutions that are nutrient-rich, multimineral based, and naturally rich diet plans that are clinically validated as safe and potent. You will be guided to follow the right exercise,  improving your sleep cycle, methods to ease off stress levels, eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy foods, and much more.

The Team Overview

Our Prolific Team has a bunch of efficient and certified physicians and well-renowned leaders who are committed and focused on providing wellness and health-related support.  We are conscious about connecting our knowledge and experience by providing the right and concise content of the required quality and authenticity.  Our values and commitment have helped us strive for a better era in the future by developing our core competencies. leaders who ensure our content is high-quality and aligned with our core values. The support and engagement we provide will be of great importance for every user.  Every happy customer gives us inspiration and value in accomplishing our organizational goals. We provide well-researched and realistic data including diet plans with science-backed evidence, health and fitness tips that would motivate you to live healthily. 

Check out our list of registered members who have been cardiologists, personal trainers, Dieticians, instructors, fitness coaches, orthopedists, and more who are part of a reliable and supportive knowledge board.

Riley kai

Riley kai is a Registered Dietician who has been passionate about doing things the natural way and helps people with diet plans.  She has been a nutritionist editor who has a great passion for nutrition and writing. She has written hundreds of articles on Oprah Magazine, LA Times, and a few more. She explains well through her articles so users get thrilled about reading her tips on healthy eating, Trends, nutrition science, and much more.

 Her undergraduate certification in Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics was completed from the University of Vermont. She earned a Masters’s degree in Nutrition Communication from Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She taught cooking and nutrition classes to health-conscious people while her research at Griffin Hospital, Connecticut as a Lead Research Dietician.

Isla Zyair


Isla Zyair is a registered nutritionist with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in plant nutrition and sustainability. She has completed a master’s in Sustainable Food Systems, Prescott College. She is known for her love for green vegetation and has been a plant-based dietician.  She has a love for natural food and has been living a vegan lifestyle. Isla lived with her parents

They were farmers who grew their own food living in the suburbs. She is a knowledgeable person who published books on Nutrition Eating Plans for Achieving Optimal Health. She is one of the most sought-after personalities on social media and has been part of books on nutrition.

Brandon James

Brandon james

Brandon James Ma, M.D. is an associate professor at the University of California. He has been a researcher who has provided relevant data on post cartilage injury and recovery. Brandon has been an innovative teacher with ideas, along with the solid clinical judgment. 

He has been a visiting practitioner at an orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles where he helps out people suffering from bone injury caused by severe accidents.  He has more than 12 years of knowledge in diagnosing and treating people with severe injuries. His knowledge and experience help him with quick decision-making skills whilst handling critical cases

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