It’s good to think about your health, no matter what age. Weight fluctuations in women are more than common because of factors like pregnancy or underlying conditions like PCOD or PCOS.

While it is important to understand that weight loss should not be excessive and weight cannot be maneuvered when fat is required by the body, having a proper routine for fast and safe results is very important.

Best 5 Weight Loss Programs For Women – Which Are The Most Trusted Healthy Diet Plans?

In this big market of supplements, diet loss programs, and gyms, selecting the right weight loss program will help you achieve great and long-lasting results.

Weight Loss Programs for Women

List Of The Top 5 Weight Loss Programs

????Mediterranean Diet

Do you know that this weight loss program was nominated by UNESCO as the world’s healthiest diet? This diet has been commercialized enough but is instrumental in promoting healthy living. It got its name from the incorporation of dietary cultures and cuisines from the Mediterranean. So the diet should contain nutrients in the following proportion-

  • Fat: 20 -35 %
  • Carbohydrates: 50 %
  • Protein: 10- 35 %
Weight Loss Programs for Women Mediterranean Diet

Some foods which form a part of the Med diet include fruits and vegetables, legumes, olive oil, fish, red wine, and whole grains. While you are following this program, you should skip red meat, fatty and non-natural products, and processed food.

A meal comprising a med diet makes up 1500 calories on average so the recommended daily intake for women of age 20-25 years is 2000 calories, 26-50 years is 1800 calories and 50+ is 1600 calories. This calorie deficit 1500 calorie-diet will push weight loss naturally.

Negative aspects of the Mediterranean diet: Some of the key points where this diet falls through is-

♦️Since the diet is expensive, it cannot be implemented by everyone.

♦️People having underlying health conditions have to take special precautions and follow additional guidance.

♦️Since the diet comprises intake of alcohol, self-control is necessary for you to not get addicted.

♦️It can also be time-consuming.

????Low Carb Diet

This one is a hit among Indians, especially youngsters. This allows much flexibility in terms of the varieties of low-carb diet plans with each diet having its own rules for the number of carbs consumed per day. There are two main and trusted source levels of low-carb diet:

  • Low-carb diets: In this diet, a person consumes fewer than 130 g of carbohydrates per day or the carbs they consume make up less than 26% of daily calories.
  • Very low-carb diets: In this a person has to consume 20–50 grams of carbohydrates per day or carbs constitute less than 10% of total daily calories.
Weight Loss Programs for Women Low Carb Diet

A low-carb diet reportedly works by reducing the body’s dependence on carbohydrates for energy. That means you slowly reduce your intake of refined flour, rice, potatoes, etc. This rapidly reduces weight for the first 6–12 months. Sometimes people replace calories from carbohydrates with calories from fat or protein.

Negative aspects of a low-carb diet: There are some potential downsides to a low-carb diet as well. A few researchers say this diet can increase low-density lipoproteins that are known to be carriers of bad cholesterol.

This can have a dangerous impact on your heart in the long run. They are also known to increase cardiovascular problems. However, there is not much research in this respect.

????DASH Diet

The DASH diet is quite similar to the Mediterranean diet. It works by lowering high blood pressure through major lifestyle changes and healthy eating practices. This weight loss program is ideal for women aged between 40 and 50.

For this work, you first need to calculate your daily requirement of calories and then adjust the calories consumed and burned so that you create a calorie deficit diet or ensure that you are not having a calorie surplus.

Weight Loss Programs for Women DASH Diet

One major advantage of this is that it does not restrict any food groups from daily meals. All that needs to be done is to reduce the consumption of red meat, sugars, salt, and fats. Your diet should consist of fish, nuts, poultry, vegetable oils, low-fat dairy, beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Negative aspects of the DASH diet: The DASH diet may be challenging in the following respects-

♦️People having food allergies will need modifications in their diet.

♦️Due to the high fiber content in the diet, a person may have gas and develop bloating.

♦️This could be tough for working people as they need to create and regulate their food and meals every day.

♦️The DASH diet food lists are not very comprehensive.

????Keto Diet

Now we come to one of the most popular and effectively fast ways of losing weight. Switching to keto as a woman can be excellent when you do it right. Once you start, you will be transforming your diet from carbs (and using glucose for energy) to fat.

Thus, when your body becomes fat-adapted, it will consider fats as the fuel source and derive energy from it. It will also improve insulin sensitivity by reducing the amount of sugar in the blood. This will also resolve PCOS naturally, enhance fertility and increase insulin resistance that inhibits weight loss.

Weight Loss Programs for Women Keto Diet

Moreover, since carbs and excess sugar significantly contribute to hormonal imbalance, keto will reset your hormones and hence boost your metabolism. So in week one of your keto diet, make sure to consume 150g of daily net carbs. Try to finish your first week near a daily 100g mark.

Week two of your keto diet should begin with 100g early in the week and end close to 50g per day. By the third week of the diet regime, one should successfully enter the 25g zone and be near or in ketosis.

Negative aspects of the keto diet: Keto diet may hold some complications since the sudden decrease in carbs may push your body into what is called starvation mode. This will, in turn, shut down fat burning and hold onto all calories because the body thinks you might be in a state of famine.

Secondly, since a keto diet suppresses your appetite, it might cause you to forget to eat entirely, which is unhealthy. Thirdly, cravings for sweets get intense with women having PCOS which obviously makes continuing keto a next-level challenge.

????Plant-based Diet

As the name suggests, a plant-based diet comprises fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and legumes.

Animal products have to be included in small amounts. The rich fiber content in this diet helps in weight loss and attacks belly fat in an effective manner. Even if you are not that obese, consuming this diet will also help you maintain a good physique.

Weight Loss Programs for Women Plant-based Diet

Final Verdict On The Best 5 Weight Loss Programs For Women

Though this is not a holistic list of the best weight loss programs for women, these are quite popular and trusted when it comes to weight loss. The golden rule of toning your body is 80% diet and 20% exercise, so ensure you spare some time for exercise as well.

Above everything, consistency and dedication is the key to effective weight loss. No matter whatever diet you opt for, stay regular and follow your diet plan diligently for the best results.

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