Everything in the current world is determined in numbers. And this trend begins with the numbers your score in exams as a student to the number shown on the weighing scale as a fitness lover. The present focus of the universe is drifted to weight loss and reaching the ideal weight. We work out hard and control our diet just to see a big difference in how much we weigh and to see the scale shows a lesser figure. When people pound us really give prior importance to their weight and figure, I will say this rage is just a psychological game, because I don’t think your weight actually matters to be healthy.  

Reasons To Consider Weight As Just A Number

To be clear, let’s talk in detail, When people become overly conscious about the figures shown in the scales, they get the idea and start calculating their own BMI. Some people don’t get satisfied even if their BMI score is normal. All it matters to them is how skinny they are and the figure they see when they step onto the weighing scale.

Reasons To Ignore How Much You Weigh

It is true that even if you are a little bit curvy, your BMI can be normal. But sometimes, people who have the same weight will show a different BMI rate. Because your height also matters while calculating BMI. when you seek the help of the scale to know how much you weigh, remember, the scale can deceive you. Just because, it may not be accurate. The weight shows you is the whole total of your muscle weight, your bone weight, and the fat in your body. This makes it difficult to say whether you are overweight or obese, solely based on your BMI. Here what I am trying to convince you is that whatever be your BMI score or the figure do not be fret because all these figures are just numbers and they have nothing to do with your well-being. 

1 Your Body’s Composition Changes

When you don’t see a significant change in your weight after a couple of months with a workout regime and diet control, it doesn’t mean you are not burning the extra fat from your body. What matters here is whether your clothes are perfectly fitting on your body, the curves have vanished or you lose inches. This happens because you are building more muscles after you shed enough fat. 

2 Your Weight Oscillates Everyday

You might have noticed your weight fluctuates every day. This is because of the changes in your diet and the hydration rates in your body. Sometimes hormones also can trick you just like the increase in salt intake. 

3 Weighing Less Doesn’t Mean You Are Healthy

A thin body structure cannot be idolized for health, so as becoming plump. But it is true that in many cases a heavier person does many things better than those who are skinny. Who knows the person who is skinny is starving to get the ideal body he likes to have? Or it also can be possible that a little bit chubby-looking man may be following a balanced diet and working out to obtain health.

4 Body Fat Takes More Space Than Muscle

While you rely on the figures of your total weight, remember that fat takes more space than muscles. If you didn’t lose much weight even if you shark a lot, it is because you got rid of all the unwanted fats, but not the useful muscles. The buildup in your muscle is not something you need to be worried about, in fact, it will only make you much more healthy as you will have a more improved metabolism. 

5 The Scale Cannot Categorise

Your weight is the full total of the weight of your muscles, fat, bones, organs, etc. since the scale cannot discriminate between them it would be foolish to calculate your extra weight. 

6 You Can Be Healthy At Any Weight 

Whatever be your weight, it is possible for you to be metabolically healthy.  If you have normal levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol,  you will not have any issues. You can still call yourself healthy in that case. But at the same time, it is applicable for you in case you are overweight, but not for being obese. 

Your body requires enough nutrition and proper physical movements and it determines how healthy you are. While you always try to lose weight, you are forgetting to reward your body with these. Shedding weight is good but not by starving yourself. For better functioning of your body, or to make life easier in this world, you have to eat healthily and workout as per your needs.  As you need to complete your life cycles, try to finish them in a healthy way. 


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