How To Reduce The Risk Of Obesity In Children?

How To Reduce The Risk Of Obesity In Children?

Children are precious gifts from god. And it is our responsibility to lead them to an ideal lifestyle. While you do your best to exercise aiming fitness, you can reach your goal within a matter of a few weeks. But getting conscious about your children’s health, and letting them learn the initial chapters, you find it as the toughest task. Well, yes, indeed it is. You see when we are able to bring healthy changes to our lifestyle, kids may not feel it in the same way. Besides, to add to our distress, we are currently facing a menacing situation when more and more children are drastically becoming either obese or overweight day by day, especially in our country. 

How To Reduce The Risk Of Obesity In Children?

Being obese during childhood would increase a lot of risks in the future. As such children would eventually develop serious conditions like heart issues, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases even before they become adults. As we know it is true prevention is better than cure, we should have to be cautious. We should not let our precious ones eventually become sacks of potatoes. 

In that case here are some healthy tips that can help you. 

Breast Milk, Indeed An Elixir Of Life

If you don’t want your child to be obese, begin your efforts right after his birth itself. Breastfeed him rather than opting for any formula milk, as natural breast milk is far better than anything else you can buy from the market. Moreover, studies also have proven that breastfeeding has direct links to reducing many risks including obesity too. 

Develop Healthy Eating Habits On Your Child

Healthy eating is the key to wellness. As a parent, you can influence your child’s eating habits by providing him yourself with the right example. And it is your duty to lead them through the right path. 

To let your child reach healthy eating patterns you can follow these steps:

  • Include a lot of veggies and fruits in their diet.
  • Provide them with good sources of protein like eggs, fish, meat, poultry, legumes, nuts, beans, dairy, and seeds. 
  • Give them enough healthy snacks.
  • Encourage them to take limited snacks that are with saturated fat or sugar.
  • Avoid soda
  • Make them aware of the need for drinking sufficient amounts of water every day.

Encourage Physical Activity

Children should play as they grow up. Because it is necessary for their mental and physical well-being. A child who is inactive may gradually turn into a couch potato, with a fragile physique as well as mind. You can encourage them from the beginning to be physically active by letting them play outdoors with their peers. You can also transform your backyard into something creative to make them engaged and entertained. Children always imitate the adult, so be the right model for them by indulging in more physical activities and games. 

The benefits of regular physical activity in children include:

  • Better cardiovascular function
  • Stronger bones
  • Stress reliever
  • Better management of weight 
  • Optimum levels of blood pressure
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved heart rate

Also, try to teach them the basics of exercising and eventually bring them towards regular workouts. 

Limit Screen Time

Too much screen time means too little physical activities. This will turn your child to be obese. So start encouraging your child to play some real games rather than virtual ones. You better let them have two hours of screen time every day. And during the rest of the day, let them do more fun activities.

Encourage Them To Take Food In Appropriate Quantity 

It may not be possible for you to teach your child about complex terms like daily calorie needs or things like that. But you can teach them to take the right portion sizes. Besides, you can let them eat slowly. Also teach them food is for satisfying hunger, but not tongues. 

Ensure That They Are Getting Enough Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is as necessary as following healthy eating habits. It is vital for your child’s physical and mental growth. They also need more sleep than adults for their cognitive development too. 

Stop Complimenting Them With Junk

If you reward your child with candies and other junks, it will hit them badly. You can choose something creative and productive instead with gifts like toys, artificial clays, candle-making sets, etc. And it doesn’t mean the food they like is forbidden to them forever. Which means, once in a while, you can definitely give them a sweet treat. 

A Fine Balance of diet, physical activity, and sleeping pattern is ideal for every child to gain a healthy lifestyle without getting overweight. If you think your child is obese, never let yourself or anybody else bully him. You need to consider both his physical and mental health and give them the right care. You can seek medical help to let him stay out of his condition, as it will bring him certain torments in his future life. In this way, you will be able to have a complete analysis of your child and can determine whether he has an unhealthy rate of weight. And you can lead your child through the right path of wellness.

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