Ever since we start to follow a fitness plan with a balanced diet and a workout regime, we check our weight frequently. And that would be the only way for us to know how much weight we shed after a few months of hard work. But do you really think you can solely count on what your scale reads? I mean it cannot tell you the total amount of fat in your body, And what it reads would be the sum total of the weight of muscles, bones, and water in your body. So do you want to completely rely on it further? 

Few Tips On Taking Body Measurements As You Lose Weight

Now, I can sense the frown you made on your face. I am not telling you to avoid weighing yourself on the scale but not to rely on it. The fat in your body takes a lot of space rather than your muscles. So even if you could get rid of the curves, you won’t see a huge difference in the scale as you expected it to be. In that case, you can use a measuring tape and take your measurements or else check if there is any difference you could feel while putting on your clothes.

Few Tips On Taking Body Measurements As You Lose Weight

How To Take Body Measurements?

Taking measurements of your body is as important as stepping onto the scale. Because it is the only way in which you can be sure that you are burning enough fat according to the fitness plan you follow. By this, you will also get to know the changes in every area of your body. So you have to measure different parts of your body. To assess yourself, you don’t need to be a professional, and you can do them easily by yourself with no prior experience at all.

Before You Begin: 

If you are into taking your body measurements, I have a few things to remind you. 

  • Make sure you are wearing a fit cloth. Or else you can put on just your bikini if you are a woman. 
  • Keep your body relaxed while taking the measurement and stand with your feet together. 
  • Ensure that you are using a flexible measuring tape that is not stretchable. 
  • Take each measurement twice to ensure accuracy.
  • Make sure that the tape is not compressing your skin. 

The certain areas you have to measure in your body are :

1 Bust/Chest 

Stand with your feet together and keep your torso straight. You need to measure in line under your arms around the nipples and the side of the rib cage. Ensure that you are measuring the widest part of your bust.

2 Abs 

Stand in position just the same as the way you measured your bust. Be relaxed and measure the widest part of your torso, normally around your navel. 

3 Waist 

 It is the narrowest part of your torso, and while measuring it, you have to ensure that the tape is straight around your belly. 

4 Hips

It is wider than the other measurements we discussed above. If you want to measure it accurately, you need to ensure that you are keeping the tape parallel to the floor, with the help of a mirror. 

5 thighs

Here you need to find out the midpoint or the widest part of your thighs. Remember, both of your thighs may show different measurements. So ensure that you are taking the second measurement from the same thigh. 

6 Calves

Measure the middle point between your knees and ankles. Ensure that you are taking the measurements from the same leg. 

7 Arms

Stand straight in a relaxing position and measure the middle part of your arms, which is between your elbow and shoulder bone. 

Taking timely measurements of different parts of your body is a clever decision rather than depending on the reading of your scale. This is a simple process that needs no equipment and anyone else to assist you. The great benefit that comes with it is when you get a specific idea of exactly where you are burning the fat. 

As you aim to get a good track on the progress you made with your fitness plan, taking proper measurements at the right time is inevitable. And the best part of it is the satisfaction you get from good results and knowing that you are in the right direction. If you want to get the precise measurements, always try to do it the first thing in the morning before you start filling up your tummy. And it is ideal for you to take them once every four weeks after you start working on it. 

Since we all are a bit ignorant and forget things easier, it is better to note the figures every time. For that, you can keep a progress chart with you and mark the timely measurements in it. 


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