Losing weight is not so easy as gaining it, except for those who mastered the skill. And for the rest of others, it could be harder to get rid of it and to be in shape. Sometimes it could be the fact that you least know about would come to your rescue. And in the world of fitness, there are a lot of techniques that have the potential to assist the process of weight loss. Now I am here to present before you such a method that can bring desirable changes in your weight and the way you look. 

So, it’s all about vitamin D and the possible benefits it can bring to you while you aim to shed some extra pounds. Yes, you heard it right, I know it could be the first time you hear it. Like other than making your bones and teeth stronger, it can also give you great support to look leaner too. So let’s find out how.

Benefits Of Vitamin D In Losing Weight

What Is Vitamin D?

You already know we produce it within our bodies after we get exposed to the sun for a while. And it is also true that this fat-soluble vitamin is also present in some food that we take and its supplements are available in stores as well. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people around the world with a deficiency of this life-saving nutrient, leading them to end up with several health issues including obesity. 

Obesity And Vitamin D Deficiency

It was not so recently,  the direct link between deficiency of vitamin D and obesity being proven by health experts. This means lower blood levels of vitamin D lead anyone to be obese and that can be even you. Some experts also come up with the point that obese people tend to avoid foods that are rich in vitamin D,  to make their condition even worse. While looking for other possibilities, we see due to embarrassment or shame, they cover up a lot of their skin, preventing them from getting exposed to the sun to benefit from the sunshine.  

Additionally, you need certain enzymes within your body to process this nutrient in its useful form so that it can benefit you. But being obese means you have low levels of such enzymes within yourself than those who are physically fit. So, it is possible that this act is not happening in its right form inside your system.  Then you know what could be its consequences. Of course, you can correct it, but still, the question on those extra pounds will remain unanswered. You will be in need of this nutrient more according to the size of your body to have an optimal level than those who are fit. 

Likewise, if you can get rid of extra weight, the levels of vitamin D will get a hike without your notice.

To everyone’s surprise, the ability of vitamin D has also been proven to help people who struggle with being overweight. Because even a small change in your weight can result in a big rise in its levels. In the same way, when you could improve the levels of vitamin D in your body, it will lead you to have a great drop in your body weight.  

Role Of Vitamin D In Aiding Weight Loss

There are studies that have proven that providing enough vitamin D can trigger the burning of body fat and hence effectively support weight loss. A particular study conducted on 218 women is one of them. In which all the participants were either obese or overweight. All of them were given proper and uniform directions over their diet and workouts for a complete year, and researchers watched them for over a year to mark their progress. When half of the women were additionally given vitamin D3 supplements to enhance their blood levels, the rest of the others were given a placebo. But remember both of these groups were under adequate dietary and workout routine. 

Remarkably, at the end of the study, they could notice that there was a significant difference in their results. And those who were actually given the supplements achieved significantly a great range in losing weight. On average, it was more than 7 pounds of the extra weight they could shed than others.

How Can Vitamin D Rescue You?

When you have sufficient levels of vitamin D in your body, it would prevent the formation of new fat cells. You will also be able to suppress the storage of cells shielding your body against the accumulation of fat. In addition to this, the serotonin levels will also get a significant increase, controlling your appetite and making you feel full. And it will regulate your daily calorie intake and control your portions as well.

Taking vitamin D in the right amounts will induce weight loss by triggering off many healthy changes in your body. Though, before you going to take it right away after hearing its weight loss benefits, ensure that you are taking it inappropriate quantities according to your bodily needs.


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